Guide And Tips In Growing Your Cannabis Indoors

Whether you call it cannabis, weed or pot, marijuana can actually grow in an indoor environment as long as appropriate measures are implemented. Growing indoors may even turn out to be more productive as it can provide higher yields of marijuana at a shorter period of time as compared to growing in an outdoor environment. However, reality dictates that it may be extremely challenging for beginners to start with an indoor marijuana growing setting.

Set Up the Basics

In order to be successful in growing marijuana in an indoor setting, it is very important to, at least, know the basics of outdoor growing, which are often referred to as the traditional way of growing marijuana plants. This is because the concept is entirely the same. Your goal is to produce a harvest which can turn out to be a good return to all your investments. At the same time, the idea is the same in which you need to optimize the light, nutrients, as well as ventilation.

At the same time, certain restrictions may pressure you to go ahead and start growing your marijuana plants in an indoor environment. While this may be the only option you have, it is very important to do some research about the project, but make sure that you do not tell anybody about it, or else the purpose of growing in a discreet environment is defeated.

Get All Equipment Needed

If you are extra careful in shopping around, you may be able to get everything that you need for a very reasonable price. However, if there are no available sources in your area, you can consider going online to get the items that you need. There are online garden shops these days that can provide you what you need. Among the items that you need are the following:

ü  Mylar or white paint

ü  Clones or marijuana seeds

ü  Nutrient solutions

ü  Pots and containers

ü  Growing medium (e.g. coco coir)

ü  Lighting (e.g. CFLs)

ü  pH soil tester

ü  timer

Now that you have all the items that you need, you can now start your setup. This usually means prepping up your grow room and everything else related to it. Equip yourself with information on how to do so. Online sources are also available in this regard. At the same time, reading blogs will help you implement practical techniques in your indoor marijuana growing project.

Growing Marijuana Indoors – Everything You Need To Know

There is no question on the fact that marijuana is often considered as the world’s highly abused drug. As a result, any activities related to marijuana, including selling and buying of seeds and smoke, are well restricted. This will not surprise you, then, that different suppliers, dealers, as well as users have began growing their marijuana plants in an indoor setup where they are given the assurance that all the operations are hassle free and away from the eyes of law enforcers.

Why Choose an Indoor Setting

A lot of researchers have actually claimed that among the most common factors why marijuana growers choose to grow marijuana plants in an indoor setup are the restrictions that are imposed on the operations involved in growing marijuana. Recently, there has been an increase on marijuana related busting operations coming from different districts and states.

However, all these reports should not threaten you to stop growing marijuana. Instead, it should encourage you to find another means of growing your marijuana plant, especially if the purpose for doing so involves the value of marijuana in the medical world. Indoor marijuana growing can actually give you the capability to completely adjust and manipulate the conditions in growing so that you can expect to produce the highest yields possible.

At the same time, in an indoor environment, you can implement central heaters, where you can effectively deal with seasonality, thus allowing you to produce your marijuana plants anytime you want, all year round. This is particularly helpful if you need a steady supply of marijuana plants for medical purposes. At the same time, if you are a commercial grower, this will be a good return on your investment, as growing in an indoor setting can result to higher profits as the plants can be available anytime needed.

Potency in Marijuana Plants

With the discoveries of potency increase, indoor marijuana setting has become ever more encouraged. An increase in potency means an increase in its overall value to the medical community. With the maximum benefits that medicinal marijuana promises, there is no question why a lot of people and growers have eventually shifted to growing marijuana indoors. Even though marijuana growing can be quite risky, many growers will still not hesitate to take the risk as the investment can surely provide a good return in the end. Indoor marijuana growing can be highly beneficial for you.

Learn the Truth About Growing Marijuana Indoors

These days, as we live amidst a society where social norms dictate that marijuana plants belong to illegal drugs, growing your own marijuana might turn out to be quite challenging. However, since marijuana has its own value in the medicinal world, expert growers have decided to conduct studies and research in order to come up with a system which will allow them to grow marijuana in a discreet setting.

One of the ways that they have discovered is by means of growing them in an indoor environment. With an indoor setup, growers are assured that they are far from the judging eyes of their neighbors, as well as other passersby. At the same time, the studies have actually proven that growing marijuana in an indoor setup is often more productive than growing them in an outdoor environment. This is often due to the fact that the factors revolving indoor cultivation are highly controlled by the grower.

All About Indoor Growing

As mentioned, indoor growing of marijuana offers you a good amount of control over all the other factors that governs the actual growth of plants. The factors include water, light, heat, nutrient, airflow, and humidity. When all the factors are managed effectively, the general result is the production of more potent crops that are produced in a shorter period of time. This may not be entirely possible with outdoor growing.

Quite similarly, cultivation of marijuana plants in an indoor environment allows the marijuana grower to choose exactly when the plants can enter the flowering phase, as well as control on the size and speed of the marijuana crop. Grow lights often allow the plants to take advantage of the intense and direct light coming from the artificial light sources. This may not be that possible when dealing with an outdoor growing of marijuana.

Indoor growing is highly favorable because there is a lesser chance that the plants can be exposed to pests and other harmful elements that would otherwise be present in an outdoor setting. Infestation of insects and pests may result to serious damage on your plants, and when ignored, it may eventually kill your plants.

Indeed, indoor growing of your marijuana plants can provide you the utmost advantages that you can ever expect when growing marijuana plants. However, you still need to go through certain trial and error situations that can eventually help you to become a better grower.

Indoor Marijuana Growing Tips For Beginners

The decision to grow your marijuana plants in an indoor setting can be very promising, even for beginners. After all, the processes involved can be learned, and the remainder of the process can be dealt with along the way. The following are some tips on how to start with an indoor marijuana setup.

Choose Your Grow Space

Choosing a space where you can grow you marijuana indoors is ultimately similar to the importance of choosing a good area for outdoor cultivation. It should not be taken for granted just because you are growing inside your home. The garden that you need to setup should be totally out of the way, which is not your bedroom. The grow space can be your attic, basement, or your closet.

Make sure that you plan everything ahead because your grow space may need some adjustments that can only be done by a repairman or a carpenter. Keep your grow area away from other dangerous places, such as the furnace, because when something happens to the furnace and it explodes, your garden will be in big trouble.

Upon selecting your permanent marijuana growing location, now it is time for you to prepare it. In order to make good use of the overall lighting, you can choose to paint the walls of your grow area white. Avoid using tin foil because it has the capability to focus light just like the way it works with little laser beams. It can ultimately burn holes on the leaves and end up damaging your plant. Cover the floor of your grow area with plastic as it can help in stopping water damage on your floor.

Choose Your Grow Containers

After you choose your grow space, it is now time to choose your grow containers. It can be a kind of pot, or any container which can hold your plants well. To start with, you can fill the bottom portion of your container with gravel to deal with drainage. The other remaining portions can be filled with high quality soil and sand combined. The buckets may also be used but you can just drain holes in the bottom. If the containers that you have chosen have held plants before, then they should be sterilized first with alcohol or bleach before using them again. Selecting the right type of container will make sure that your plants will grow healthily with no restrictions.

What is The Best Temperature for Indoor Marijuana Growing?

Aside from lighting, grow area, and proper selection of seeds, the temperature range is another very important factor that needs to be considered with growing your marijuana plants in an indoor setting. There are several things that need to be considered when dealing with temperature. One of them is that the temperature that you need to maintain highly depends on the specific strain that you are trying to grow. After all, strains these days are specially developed; they are created in order to respond well to indoor growing environment. Still, they have their own specific needs when it comes to temperature requirements. Therefore, it is very important to put these things into consideration when looking at the temperature requirements of your plants.

Temperature Range

When thinking of the range, two factors need to be kept in mind. First, is the lights on cycle (in which your artificial lights are turned on), and lights off cycle (complete darkness in your grow room). For lights on cycle, the standard required temperature is between 72-76 degrees Fahrenheit, while during lights off, temperature should be between 66-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Still, as mentioned, some strains may need a different temperature range, and so you might need to do some adjustments on the temperatures.

Nutrient Solution/Water Temperature

For the nutrient solutions, the required temperature range is between 66-68 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature goes warmer than the needed temperature, it may often result to the growth of harmful organisms especially in a hydroponics system. It may also deter the growth of root, and slows down functions of the roots. If the grow area is too hot, you may have to install a chiller in order to cool your nutrients down.

Root Zone Temperature

If you are growing in cement slabs or basements, make sure that you don’t put your container down directly in contact with the floor. This may cool down the root zone most especially during the colder months. The required temperature for the root zone of the plants is between 67-69 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aside from considering the temperature required in an indoor marijuana setup, humidity is another important factor that needs to be considered. The required range is between 50-65% during the plants’ vegetative phase, while it may be between 50-60% as it enters the flowering phase. Excess humidity may result to the existence of molds and other harmful organisms, and so the right humidity range should be observed properly.

How To Use A Grow Tent In Growing Marijuana Indoors

The cost of marijuana commodity is undoubtedly high. Still, there are different ways that we are able to lower down the cost of this commodity without having to stop using it. One of the most effective ways is growing them on your own. However, because it is quite challenging to grow marijuana in a society where marijuana related activities are highly regulated, some have resorted to an even better option, that is, growing in an indoor environment.

There are different ways of growing in an indoor setup, but almost all of them starts with the selection of a grow room. However, if you feel that installing a grow area which is conducive for your marijuana growing project is challenging an unattainable for you, you may opt to grow your marijuana plants in a grow tent.

How Does a Grow Tent Work?

The process usually starts with planning. Planning where to situate your grow tent is important. Of course, you need to have easy access to electricity, water, as well as a ventilation route. The latter is very important because you certainly would want to avoid dumping the marijuana smell to the air conditioning duct system of your neighboor.

Even if the area or the tent is small enough, make sure that everything is organized in a manner which will still allow you to move around and do stuff inside the tent without any troubles. You surely wouldn’t want a domino effect which starts with spilling your nutrients solution, and leading to a series of unfortunate breakage and other unlikely things. Make sure that you have enough space for working.

A grow tent generally comes in different sizes. Choose the best one that can fit the number of plants that you are planning to plant. The size that you need to consider should also be inclusive of space for your lighting, as well as other equipment that you need to use and fixtures that you need to install.

If possible, you can start with planning your grow tent out. The good thing about a grow tent is that they are ready to assemble, and so you really do not have to worry about planning how to install all those little things that come along with it. There are manuals that comes with the actual kit and all you need to do is to follow the instructions.

How To Choose The Right Nutrients For Growing Marijuana Indoors

Choosing your nutrients for your marijuana plants in an indoor environment is very important. An indoor setup actually removes the capability of the plants to perform its growing capacities in the natural way. As a result, the responsibility of feeding the plants the nutrients it needs lies in the hands of the grower, that’s you. Consider the following information as you choose the right nutrients for your plants.

Growing in Soil

If you choose to grow in soil, it is very important to get the necessary nutrients for your plants unless if you are growing using a composted soil. This will make sure that your plants can maximize its potential to produce the best buds that you need. Even if you work with amended soils such as FFOF, you may still need to add some nutrients as soon as you enter the budding and flowering stage. At this point, your plants may need more of those nutrients because they are often heavy feeders, and the plants may have already used most of the soil nutrients when the budding time begins.

Hydroponics and Soilless Growing

If you opt for other non-soil medium such as a soilless mix, or direct submersion in water, you still need to feed your plants the nutrients that they need. There are nutrients that are particularly developed for hydroponics. As a matter of fact, some of the nutrients are even very specific, such as canna coco which is designed to work with plants that are grown in a Coco coir medium.


Aside from choosing the right type of nutrients for your marijuana plants, it is also vital to understand the nutrient cycle for your plants. As your plants enter different periods in their growth cycle, different levels and amounts of nutrients may be needed. Therefore,  it is important to understand what your particular plant’s cycle is so that you will know when you can start feeding your plant with a particular type of nutrient.

Another thing that you need to pay attention when it comes to nutrient solutions is the importance of root pH in order to avoid nutrient problems. One of the easiest ways to do so is by means of testing the pH level of your nutrient solutions by means of a tester. Take note that if the pH of the plant roots is either too high or too low, they may not be able to absorb well the nutrients that you feed them.

Indoor Marijuana Growing Room Design – The Easy Ways

Is considering the design of your marijuana growing room necessary for your indoor marijuana growing project? Well, it generally depends on your overall purpose. However, rather than focusing on the physical aspects of design, having a good room design may also mean an enhanced productivity and functionality of your growing area. Here are some ways to consider when thinking of your growing room design:

  1. Fixtures

These fixtures, in general, point to the extra hardware that you need to install to your grow room in order to make all your activities inside efficient. This can include installing some hooks that can be used to hold your lighting, or perhaps putting some extra shelves to place your nutrient solutions and other tools. Proper placement of these fixtures is very important to make sure that the grow area is also safe and free from unwanted objects lying anywhere.

  1. Electric Source

Since you are dealing with lightings and systems, you definitely need to have a good access to an electric source. This can also mean having to install a good wiring system inside your grow area. If you are growing through hydroponics, make sure that the wires will not, in anyway, have in contact with the water as it may be dangerous. In the case of lighting installation, the wires should be properly kept in place, most especially if you are growing multiple marijuana group gardens.

  1. Ventilation

Since marijuana growing is considered as a discreet activity, it is very important to give particular attention to ventilation. Air flow is very important for the plants. At the same time, exhaust should be properly put in place to make sure that the odor of your marijuana plants are diverted away from other peoples’ path. Therefore, you may need to install windows, or holes, and ducting system to take care of all of this. Ventilation is also important as it plays a very important role in maintaining the temperature and humidity of a room.

The outward design may not really matter in an indoor growing environment. After all, if you make your growing area too noticeable, visitors and neighbors might start asking you what’s inside. Therefore, the design of your grow room should be guided with discretion as the concept. In this way, you are also protecting your privacy and your reputation in the marijuana growing world.

Fundamentals in Indoor Marijuana Cultivation

If you consider yourself as a beginner in indoor marijuana cultivation or perhaps you do not have any carpentry background, you can certainly take advantage of the information you can find here. For starters, one of the very basic things that you can give attention to is choosing your grow room. However, if you find yourself lacking with the capability to deal with carpentry, or perhaps you may lack finances for it, you may opt to consider the use of a grow tent.

The good thing about using a grow tent is that they are generally equipped with everything that you need in order to get started. If you wish to start your own indoor marijuana garden, take note of the following things that you may need:

  • Exhaust Fans

Air flow, quality and temperature are among the most important things that need to be present in a grow room, whether you are growing your plants in hydro or soil setup. Exhaust fans are needed to pull the fresh air in, and push the war air out of your grow tent. The exhaust fan should work with a good duct system which will work in reducing the temperature of your grow tent, as well as provide the required circulation of fresh air to your plants.

  • Lighting

Every indoor marijuana garden needs a good lighting system. The number of lights that you need to install highly depends on the number of plants that you have, as well as the space in your garden. Another thing that might be considered is the budget, of course. Take note that grow lights may not be cheap. In order to maximize the potential of your plants to grow healthily, make sure that you only have a few plants growing under a specific light. Plants should never compete for light and space with other plants surrounding them.

  • Hardware

Hardware basically means the extra fixtures that need to be installed on your grow area. This includes hooks, as well as hanging wires. Other growing rooms may need to have separation walls, along with other types of stuff. Your grow room may not really need to look very pretty, as this is not the main purpose of your area. It should be highly functional, though, and quite capable to provide the needs of your plants. The fixtures should be able to hold lighting and other stuff needed for your growing project.

Tips In Indoor Marijuana Growing for The First Timers

Growing marijuana in an indoor environment is something that can be considered worthwhile. After all, even though you may have to expect certain challenges along the way, you can also expect a bountiful yield. If you are a first timer in growing marijuana and you opt to grow them indoors, there are things that you need to consider before you start.

Keep in mind that while the information available here may set you off to a good start, they may not be that over extensive. Therefore, as you learn along the basics, you can also take some time to do further research on your own in order to make sure that you get the best amount of information for your indoor marijuana growing project.

Indoor Growing Tips

Among the very first things that you need to consider when starting your very own indoor marijuana garden is whether you want to use soil as your growing medium, or you will use hydroponics as your main system. However, if you are a complete first timer, with no experience in growing marijuana whatsoever, hydroponics may not be entirely for you.

It is highly recommended to start with using soil as your growing medium. After all, after you become educated with this type of growing system, you can start venturing to other methods, hydroponics, for instance. Growing in soil is often cheaper, and not to mention, less temperamental. You may also find the plants with superior taste as compared to other alternative methods in growing.

Other Considerations

Now that you have identified the system in which you can grow marijuana, the next thing that you can focus on is your grow room. The growing area can be anything from basements, attics, closets, or other free spaces in your home. On the other hand, if you do not have enough rooms, but you have a space, then you may also consider using a grow tent.

Grow tents are very easy to assemble, which is why even if you do not have any background in carpentry, it is still possible to set one up. These grow tents come with all the things that you need in order to get started. It may not be for everyone but if you have the capability to do it, it will certainly provide you with a good head start. The rest of the other things that you need to do will eventually follow now that you have already selected your grow area.